12 things to live better from now

Do you want to enjoy? … Then there are things to let go …

Are we ready to start with the tenacity and resistance needed?

We do not know exactly what the future will hold us if we are or will not be ready to face the new challenges that life will propose to us and that’s why it is useful to do a checkup now, a year-end inventory of our best resources, resources and weaknesses to see if we are ready, loaded and prepared.

We know it can serve us …

  • More Energy to resume daily routine, work, school, children, deadlines
  • More Energy to Fit Up After Holidays That Are Full Of Calories
  • More Energy and Patience to endure the bad character of those who will have to attend
  • More Energy to do everything on your own and always running

Do you know what the enemy is the number one of our energy? What is the best part of our well-being? The negative emotion, what I want to summarize in three words …

  • Concern
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

These are the three things that should leave because in time they become part of our way of life, our habits and are deleterious to live as we would like.

Before leaving for a new trip, it is necessary to free ourselves, to clean everything that our mind cannot add because it is already too full.

It needs to take away things, make the necessary space to put others that will inevitably come with our consent or not. What to leave then?

Let go of everything you get anxiety, worry and stress is the best solution you can take to deal with every period of your existence.

Doing this gives you the freedom and the boost you need to concentrate on what you can really do, to become what you want to be.

Ps: Life moves to cycles that repeat, accept and let go what is not under our control allows us to trace back to the highest curve of well-being. However, holding the pulled brake, with recurrent anxiety and worry, we do nothing but stay in the line of the line and over time sums everything up creating stress, disease, depression.

So to trace where the air is more sparkling and beneficial you need to be aware of it and let go of things that risk filling our bag too much. How to remember it in difficult moments? Repeat this sentence several time…

What are you care about rising?

Accept and let go of my worries and the stress accumulated in difficult moments made the difference for me, the same as it can do for you if you analyze your habits and take the time to reflect on the next 12 things …

1) Let go, stop trading your future with your past … You cannot enjoy the present and build a better future if you stay focused on what it was. Accept things as they went, you only did what you were feeling at the moment and you can put it on one side. Instead, do what in your power to change from now on … The future is planned!

2) Let go of feeling guilty about others, not to be as they want them … Only by putting yourself in the first place and learning how to appreciate, what you are and what you know will be exactly what others would like you to do. Give this satisfaction and you will appreciate more.

3) Let go of all the thoughts and concerns you are not responsible for or which you have no control … These anxieties are added to yours and take up space and effectiveness on what you can change. Choose what to concentrate on and do not expect to solve everything for everyone, it is practically impossible and always hurt you.

4) Let go of the fear of the news … Take a little step at a time and look at the road instead of worrying about the unreachable goal, otherwise you will not share. You do not need to know by heart all the way you do, just see what you are going through and be flexible to change if you are required. So you get far away and finally where you want it.

5) Let go of the concern of the not important one … Give a precise value to the things you focus on, not everything is of the same importance to you. Worrying always is how to pray for what you do not want. Note if you are in the habit of worrying too much, just knowing this to give a different answer to your question.

6) Let go of blaming others for anything … You are the sole responsible for your life. If you do not like something, you have two possible choices, either accept or modify it. Have you ever earned something by blaming others? …

7) Let go of regrets … At every moment of your existence, you were exactly in the place you chose and the person you wanted to be at that moment, so do not abandon yourself too much you regret. Now you can decide to change what it will be if you do not like what it is.

8) Let go of anger to ex-lovers or former friends … We all deserve happiness and love, just because it’s over now does not mean that love has been wrong. That was what you needed right now to learn and grow. Does not happen by chance, is the lesson served?

9) Let go of wanting to change people … Everyone has his way to go and chooses for free will. The best (and unique) thing you can do is work on yourself and find what you really want to    be an example that can follow others. Then they will also change them.

10) Let go of your defects … The world needs you as you are. You are not the shape of your body or number on a few lists. Your uniqueness is what makes you exceptional. Find and use what you are because this is your dowry.

11) Let go of the thought that everyone else is happier, more successful or better than you … You are right now, where you have to be. Your journey is running perfectly, everything is going to accept it, to be aware of it and to want to catch it.

12) Let go of feeling alone where you are …  Loneliness is a perception that changes from within. How are you now telling you what to do to get where you want to go, here’s a way to start asking … do not know where?

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