4 Natural Armpit Bleaching Remedies

Whitening the armpits are something that worries many women. If you are avoiding wearing sleeveless garments because you do not like the tone of your armpits, this article might be of interest to you. Actually, the dark underarms may be more common than you think, and it can also be quite uncomfortable, as we do everything to prevent anyone from noticing the condition of our armpits.

Natural Armpit Bleaching

Why does the underarm skin darken?

The reasons why our underarms can look dark are very varied, but it is important to know them to try to prevent them from getting dark.

Hair removal method: Oddly enough, shave the hair with a razor, is one of the main reasons that our armpits look darker, this is because shaving does not remove the hair from the root, which gives a dark appearance the skin, you can opt for waxing or sugaring, to remove hair from the root. Another unwise method is depilatory creams, as they not only do not remove hair from the root, they also mistreat the skin and can even cause irritation and other problems.

Natural deodorants: Applying the chemicals that contain commercial deodorants can be a mistake because many times these ingredients can become the cause of hyperpigmented skin in the armpit. Natural deodorants such as baking soda rose water, etc. are best.


Wear natural fiber clothing: The clothing of natural fibers favors a good breathing of the skin, avoiding the accumulation of sweat that can give rise to the darkening of the armpits. It is also advisable to bathe frequently and avoid tight clothing.

Take care of your weight: We can accumulate fat under the arm in the armpit area, so it is advisable to maintain a healthy weight, as well as prevent the development of diabetes, a pathology in which our skin can be stained especially in folds when there is an excess of blood glucose.

Avoid oral contraceptives: They are based on hormones that can lead to hormonal alterations in which the skin darkens.

Armpit Whitening Remedies

There are several recipes for blanching armpits, many of these homemade that can help us to break down our armpits; however, we must be aware that we must be constant to achieve results, because we may not see them overnight with a Single application.

  1. Naturally, exfoliate your armpits

It is advisable to exfoliate our skin from time to time, but many times we forget to give this attention to the skin of the armpits, which, like any part of the body, can also accumulate dead cells. To cleanse them, try to exfoliate your armpits once a week.

Use a mixture of fresh juice of lemon and brown sugar, ensuring that the mixture is not liquid but also based on pure granules, let stand for 5 minutes and apply to your armpits, massaging round. Avoid pressing or carving strongly, as aggressive peeling may cause irritation, it is not advisable.

You can also exfoliate your armpits during the bath once a week using a natural sponge to clean them.

  1. Whiten your armpits with lemon

Lemon acids have been used to whiten the skin for a long time and are very simple to use, just take a half of fresh lemon and carve its pulp in the skin of our armpits, letting lemon juice act during the Night, to wash in the morning.

It is advisable to apply a little moisturizer after we apply the lemon and dry, as the astringent properties of this citrus, can dry our skin.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate for lighter armpits

This natural ingredient is very useful for our armpits, as it not only helps us to bleach them, it can also help us to exfoliate our skin and eliminate the smell and bacteria from our armpits, being an excellent deodorant alternative.

If you want to exfoliate your armpits with baking soda, mix with a little water, making sure to form a paste, apply gently rubbing with your fingers, letting act for at least 10 minutes and finally rinse. Remember not to abuse the exfoliation, as you could irritate the skin.

If you want to use baking soda as a deodorant you can dissolve bicarbonate in water in order to dilute it, and with the aid of a tissue or cotton, moisten the skin of your armpits, letting them dry.

  1. Rinse your skin with Milk

Another remedy used to clarify the skin is based on the use of dairy products; thanks to the fats in milk along with the acid from the fermented product such as yogurt can help to eliminate some skin blemishes such as darkening the armpits.

Mix two tablespoons of milk with yogurt and add a tablespoon of wheat flour to give it consistency, apply the mixture to your armpits and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing. More on http://thefirewheel.com/

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