About Us

The medical center MDG Providers was opened in June 2003 and due to a generous contribution to ongoing research and development, as well as clinical practice, it has gained the world-class medical results.

In addition, our medical center follows the principles of "respect for life", as well as the "spirit of compassion" and supports social programs and incentives.

The medical center is equipped with advanced medical technologies, provides an optimal treatment system and employs the best medical staff. We are collaborating with the biggest suppliers of medical equipment. We are proud that every patient is treated equally and a lot of new clients who come to us follow the advice of their friends or acquaintances. The best physicians, dentists, family doctors as well health professionals in narrow fields are fully committed to their job and contribute to their community. MDG Providers has also been acknowledged for its contribution in the field of health care services providing by the local authorities.

The MDG Providers offers numerous programs and healthcare services to adults and pediatric patients such as:

  • General dentistry
  • Children dentistry
  • Skin care services
  • Family medicine
  • Beauty services
  • Our doctors are true professionals in their fields of expertise, we utilize the cutting-edge medical technology, and a highly-skilled nursing staff is always at your service.

    Physicians and dentists practicing at MDG Providers focus on disease prevention and health education, so they are always ready to provide the patients with the health tips. We invest a lot into the medical research like laboratory-based biomedical research, and clinical research programs.