Combat the cold with this homemade syrup of honey and ginger

At some times of the year, especially when the weather tends to be cold, it is common for the immune system to weaken and colds occur. While this is not the only factor that influences this condition, being exposed to low temperatures increases the risk considerably. As a consequence, a series of symptoms are triggered which, depending on their severity, can affect the quality of life for several days.

However, there are several commercial and home remedies whose effects greatly reduce the discomfort so that they do not interfere with everyday activities. Among these, we find natural syrup of honey and ginger, which gives the body nutrients and properties that strengthen the defenses.

In below we will discuss its benefits and the simple recipe so that you can try it at home.

Homemade syrup of honey and ginger to combat the cold

The combination of honey and ginger gives us natural syrup to combat the uncomfortable symptoms of flu and cold. These ingredients are a source of essential nutrients that, after being absorbed, strengthen the immune system to increase the response to the viruses that cause these conditions.

Unlike the syrups that are marketed in the market, it is a recipe free of added chemicals and, therefore, can be taken safely and without risk of side effects.


Benefits of Honey Bee

Honey is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial ingredient that has been used since ancient times as a natural complement to the problems affecting the respiratory tract.

Rich in enzymes and essential amino acids, it is an effective treatment for excess phlegm, congestion and other symptoms of colds.

  • It contains vitamins A and C, both necessary to improve the defenses against the virus attack.
  • Provides trace elements such as potassium and magnesium, necessary to inhibit the action of microorganisms in the body.
  • Its anti-inflammatory power soothes irritation in the airways and, in turn, controls a sore throat and cough.

Benefits of ginger

Ginger is a spice with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that have been used for centuries as part of the treatment of colds.

  • Gingerol, its main active, gives it antibiotic effects that facilitate the elimination of viruses and bacteria that affect lung health.
  • It has nutrients such as vitamin C, essential for strengthening the immune system and increasing the production of antibodies.
  • It provides potassium, niacin and phosphorus, substances involved in the control of inflammation.
  • It is attributed antitussive properties, which is key to cough relief.
  • Its high antioxidant content helps to clean and protect the respiratory passages while minimizing the negative effects of free radicals and toxins.

How to prepare this homemade syrup of honey and ginger?

The preparation of this homemade syrup is quite simple and, compared to conventional remedies, is much cheaper. The best thing is that you do not have to be sick to do it since it is kept easily and can be eaten regularly to support the defenses.

Therefore, as soon as the cold times arrive or feel some cold signal, do not hesitate to start taking it.


  • 1 medium ginger root
  • 1 cup of pure and organic honey (335 g)


  • Hermetic glass bottle


  • Peel the ginger root and cut into thin slices.
  • Insert the spice into the glass jar and then cover it with the cup of honey.
  • Seal the jar and put it in a dark place for 48 hours for the ginger properties to concentrate.
  • After this time, start the treatment with the syrup.

Mode of consumption

  • To combat the cold, consume 3 or 4 tablespoons of syrup per day.
  • As a preventive, it consumes 1 tablespoon in fasting every day.
  • In children, give the doses in teaspoons.
  • If you like, combine the syrup with lukewarm water and lemon for easy consumption.

As you have just noticed, it is very easy to prepare your own syrup to deal with those annoying colds that affect your health.

Follow the recommendations given and check for yourself all its benefits.

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