Detox plan to eliminate toxins with lemon, celery, and dandelion

We should not forget that the detox plan should always be a complement to the diet, which must be healthy and balanced to obtain the desired depurative results. Have you proposed to follow a detox plan or, what is the same, a purifying diet to eliminate toxins and get your desired weight naturally?

You may not know where to start, as there is a lot of information on the internet. In this article, we propose a simple and natural detox plan, with economical ingredients at your fingertips and very beneficial results to lose weight.

What is a detox plan?

A detox plan is a proposal to eliminate toxins based on a balanced and natural diet. It has nothing to do with miracle diets in which calories are restricted or quantities are limited, but rather with a diet rich in nutritious and healthy foods, free of processed products that harm health.

Some detox plans focus on the virtues of some foods with medicinal properties, depending on the goal we want to achieve or the health problem that we want to improve. In no case will the consumption of these foods be exclusive, but we will include them in a balanced diet. It is true that there are very restrictive fasts or depurative cures. However, they should always be done under the supervision of a professional.

How do I know if I need it?

A detox plan is a period in which we worry a bit more about restoring good health or getting the right weight gradually and with common sense. We recommend doing so sporadically and temporarily to achieve the following objectives:

  • To compensate a time of excesses that have made us gain weight.
  • Improve skin and hair problems such as eczema, dandruff, acne, etc.
  • Regulate the digestive system if we suffer acidity, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, etc.
  • Fight the signs of aging.
  • To recover from an illness.
  • Fight stress, nervousness, anxiety or exhaustion.

Are there health risks?

There are many types of depurative plans and many of them should not be done on our own, especially if they are very restrictive, if we suffer from illness or if we take medication. This detox plan we can carry out without any risk because it is based on a balanced diet that we will temporarily supplement with three very healthy and curative foods.

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We recommend doing this detox plan for a period of 15 days and wait at least three months before repeating it. The most appropriate times are before the season changes.

Three cleansing foods


The lemon is one of the most purifying foods, which helps us to:

  • Cleanse the body of toxins
  • Improve the digestive system
  • Balancing the pH of our organism

Lemon also optimizes the function of the liver, which is one of the main detoxifying organs. All this is a guarantee of good health. Lemon peeling contains more nutrients than pulp, so you should also consume it (provided it is free of waxes and pesticides).


Celery is a vegetable that enhances the depurative capacity of the kidneys and skin, so it helps us to eliminate excess fluids that accumulate in the body and we gain weight and volume. Because of their oxalate content, those at risk of kidney stones should avoid consuming celery.

The dandelion

The dandelion is a very cleansing herb because it improves the function of liver, kidneys, and intestines. We can collect it ourselves, as it is easily recognizable by its yellow flower and the toothed form of its leaves.

Detox plan

Ingredients for each day

  • ½ lemon (If it is ecological we will also use peeling)
  • A sprig of green celery (especially the leaves)
  • 5 fresh leaves of dandelion or one tablespoon of the dried plant (10 g)
  • 2 liters of water

How do we consume them?

  • Each day we will beat half a lemon, a sprig of celery and 5 fresh leaves of dandelion.
  • If we do not get this fresh plant we can prepare an infusion that we will beat later with lemon and celery.
  • We can sweeten the mixture with a little stevia.
  • We will drink this drink divided into several cups, fasting and throughout the day, outside meals.

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