Exercises in the Third Age Prevent Dementia

If we knew that sports and exercise are tremendously positive for the health of the child, adolescent, and adult, new medical studies now indicate that for an older adult, physical activity is also imperative.  Exercises in the Third Age Prevent Dementia

If you are over 70 years old or maybe your father or grandfather is in that age range, advise them, they too can and should do exercises. So they will leave the list of candidates, suffering from dementia.

Brain Reduction

The research was carried out by doctors at the University of Edinburgh, and these have been published in the journal “Neurology”.

They concluded that staying active during this vital stage would help prevent brain shrinkage.

To achieve this result, the researchers performed a brain scan on about 638 volunteers, all retired, and over 70 years of age, the analysis showed that those who were more active had a better brain, after a period of Three years of follow-up.

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The main characteristic was that the white matter of the brain of these elderly people, who are used to performing exercises, presented less damaged areas compared to the more sedentary ones.

Do not wear

The recommended exercise for people over 70 is one free of excessive effort, there is no need to exhaust and throw all the forces, experts said.

What is involved is to stay active, can walk at a good pace during the week, cycling a few minutes each day or if you can dance.


Within these non-stressing sessions are activities such as Tai Chi or yoga. The important thing, they emphasize is to move the body.

In these recommendations of practicing some type of exercise or to do sport, mental activities are not included like of intellectual type like playing chess.


Dementia is characterized by loss of intellectual ability in the person, or some of their cognitive functions (thinking, memory), which can lead to an inability to work or to develop normally in social bonds.

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