Exercises with dumbbells

The dumbbell exercises: exercise the large muscle groups, but the most significant difference regarding fitness machines is also taken into account the stabilizing muscles and if they are in tune with the rest, the risk will be avoided Suffer certain injuries.

All you need to train are several dumbbells and a workout bench. In this way, numerous exercises can be performed to work all the muscles of the body.

Abdominal dumbbell exercises: exercise just the upper and lower abdominals, as well as oblique muscles, and there are different activities to practice. In lateral push-ups, for example, a dumbbell is to be held with one hand and the upper part of the body tilted to the same side and, after each series, to change sides. In leg elevations, it is necessary to lie on the bench and hold a dumbbell between the feet. The next thing is to raise the legs so that they are perpendicular to the ground and, after a few seconds, lower them.

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In dumbbell exercises in which all the pectoral muscles are worked, there are also many activities to be performed. Once the athlete lies on his back on the bench, he must hold the handle with his arms outstretched and raise it upwards, until the arms are perpendicular to the ground, at which point he will descend. Similarly, you can do this exercise with your arms flexed, holding two dumbbells just below the head and making a 90-degree angle with your elbows.

In the exercises specially indicated to work the dorsal and lumbar can be carried out the paddling that is to hold a mancord in each hand, to bend knees and hips, and to elevate the dumbbells in a straight line. Likewise, you can practice kneeling rowing, placing one knee and hand on the bench, and lifting the mancord with the other without moving anything other than the arm.

The shoulders, biceps, and triceps also benefit from the bungee exercises. To work the deltoid muscles and trapezoids, all you need to do is stand up, hold a mancord on each arm, at shoulder height and then push them up.

To work biceps, simply hold a handle in each hand, and raise and lower one of them through the bend of the elbow.

To develop the two-arm triceps, it is important to stand up, hold the dumbbell just behind the head with both hands, and raise and lower the dumbbell upward, flexing the elbows.

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