Five rules for dressing for a summer wedding

Unless the happy couple set a specific dress code, you should feel under no obligation to wear anything in particular, though there are some things you should bear in mind.

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Start with a great shirt

You can’t really go wrong if you opt for a classic white shirt, although you probably don’t want to do ‘double white’ in case you upset the bride! The groom will probably wear a white shirt, so you could choose a subtle pattern on white. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable for guests to choose a brighter colour; weddings are meant to be a celebration after all.

Your shirt is one of the most visible parts of your outfit, so it’s worth spending a little time on choosing it; once jackets are removed, and you’re likely to spend a lot of time seated at a wedding breakfast, it will become your outfit.

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No fabric says ‘summer’ quite like linen and a linen suit is perfect for a summer wedding – smart and cool, literally and figuratively. Lovely stone tones work well rather than too much white, though creams and pastels would also be appropriate.

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Play safe with shoes

They should be comfortable but also smart; it’s someone else’s big day so it’s not the time to dress down. We’re thinking brogues over trainers, and in a classic neutral colour.

Go bold with accessories

When you accessorise for someone else’s wedding, remember that their job is to accent, rather than steal the show. Bright colours are great and will add personality. Tie pins are great for summer weddings.

A cut above

Great tailoring is the key. Buy off the shelf, but be prepared to make necessary alterations if required. Choose a single breasted jacket with just one or two buttons – done up or undone is fine – or a double-breasted blazer that is buttoned up until the jacket is removed. You might need to check the weather forecast in advance!

For more guidance on what to wear for a summer wedding, see the ideas from GQ.

With wedding season lasting several months, choosing a different outfit for each date might be difficult, so consider a change in shirt colour to reinvigorate your wedding wardrobe.

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