Your hair needs to be hydrated

We all know that our skin needs to be hydrated, but … our hair? Our hair also needs like the skin to take care of it and moisturize it, although when it does not seem to need it. Our hair, as time passes, is damaged by daily wear, loss of natural hydration, excessive use of certain products, etc. The lack of hydration brings two of the most common causes of our hair: lack of shine and static electricity. This is manifested in most cases in curly and dry hair.

The dry heat is the fundamental factor that dehydrates your hair. Sometimes, without realizing it, we expose ourselves to this, and for our hair has harmful effects.

  • The use of dryers and irons can leave hair rough, especially in those people who have dry hair by nature. Therefore, excessive use of these products should be avoided and the dryer temperature should be lowered if necessary.
  • The sun can also adversely affect the hair, so when we go to the beach, it is convenient that we take precautions and protect the hair with a cap or a hat.

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The best source of hydration for our hair is water. Just as we need water for our body and skin to be hydrated, so do we need it for our hair?

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To retain more moisture in our hair, and therefore, it is more hydrated thanks to water; we need to seal the hair cuticle. For this, it is advisable to use good shampoos and softeners, moisturizers, which are rich in ingredients such as keratin or aloe vera, which protect the hair with a protective layer that retains moisture, and provides greater smoothness to the hair. Softeners are advisable to use them especially if our hair is long.

Given these guidelines and knowing the causes and consequences of not having hydrated hair and knowing how to take care of it, it is easier for us to get a nice, smooth and healthy hair.

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