Our Services

All services at MDG Providers are offered at affordable prices. Professional consultations and recommendations of Markham dentists will help you create an effective individual treatment plan and carry out inexpensive dental treatment according to modern standards. Our clinic has a system of offers and discounts for complex dental treatment. We will help you restore your amazing smile!

Family dentistry

Our family dentists provide the patients with such high-quality services:

  • diagnostics
  • therapeutic and endodontic treatment of teeth and gums (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and root canal treatment)
  • restoration of teeth
  • prosthetics with crowns and removable designs
  • teeth cleaning
  • endodontics
  • professional teeth whitening

  • Do you feel that there`s something wrong with your wisdom teeth? Do you feel the anxious pain for a while? Read this wisdom teeth symptoms article and decide if you need to consult with a family dentist immediately.

    Children Dentistry Service

  • curative manipulations for caries prevention - sealing
  • correction of bite pathologies
  • therapeutic treatment (caries, pulpitis of milk and molar teeth)
  • removal of permanent and milk teeth
  • recommendations on oral hygiene.

  • All procedures are carried out in accordance with the latest treatment techniques, using safe materials and innovative equipment. The experienced medical staff will find an approach to every little patient, find a way to distract the child and make him smile.


    If your teeth need prosthetics, our specialists are at your service. They will timely prepare and install crowns, veneers, prostheses of the correct shape and color:

  • Crowns
  • Metal ceramics
  • Ceramic crowns
  • Prosthetics on implants
  • Veneers
  • Hollywood smile (veneers)
  • Removable dentures
  • Clasp prosthesis
  • Nylon dentures

  • Dental Implants

    Some dental problems require surgery. But thanks to modern technologies, it is not painful and does not cause much discomfort. Our Barrie dentists will conduct high-quality removal and dental implants installation:

  • Dental implantation
  • Removal of a tooth
  • Tooth extraction
  • Curettage (closed, open)

  • Skin Care Services

    Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. The beauticians at MDG Providers can make this dream come true thanks to the advanced hardware cosmetology. We offer the following skin care services:

    Anti-aging lifting technology

    A unique opportunity to make the skin elastic, without resorting to surgery. Non-surgical lifting technology allows to tighten the skin without surgery and unpleasant sensations, due to the activation of the body's elastin and collagen.

    Fractional rejuvenation, using the laser effect on the skin, makes it younger, more elastic and removes minor skin defects (pigmentation, wrinkles, scars).

    Contour plastic

    A unique injection technique that allows to correct the shape of the face, the shape and size of the lips, the outlines of the chin and cheekbones, the shape of the nose

    Natural skin care

    Ultrasonic cleaning is deep, but delicate cleaning of pores from dirt, grease and dead cells. It is an effective remedy against many problems, ranging from acne and seborrhea, to aging and skin stretch marks.

    Oxygen peeling is an effective remedy against age spots, scars and stretch marks. A mixture of nutritious cocktail, supplied to the skin under high pressure, smoothens and polishes the skin.

    Injection techniques

    Anti-aging injections eliminate wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolleté. The procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes, allowing the skin to return its smoothness, youth and beauty. Moisturizing injections conducted in the framework of biorevitalization procedures, mesotherapy and contour plastics retain the necessary moisture in the skin and stimulate independent production of collagen by the body.

    General Health Care

    We also provide general health care to our patients focusing on the diagnostics in order to identify various diseases at an early stage.

    The non-invasive method of diagnosing which allows to quickly and painlessly get a complete picture of the state of your body.

    Biophotonic body scan and skin scan (facial skin analyzer).

    Food intolerance test - ImuPro is primarily for those who are overweight or have a chronic disease.

    Blood test INDAGO is a functional screening of metabolism and body systems.

    Screening also includes an Imu Pro 300 blood test to detect food intolerance and to determine the quantitative and qualitative cholesterol in the blood.

    We are also developing the sphere of medical and psychological procedures, using the new developments in the field of medical and psychological research:

  • Treatment of spinal osteochondrosis
  • Hydrocolonotherapy
  • Pneumopressing
  • Detoxification Program
  • Massage
  • Psychocorrection
  • Extraweight treatment program.

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