When the pimples are the anxiety that emerges?

Our body is a system of organs and apparatus, all interconnected; the skin is the most superficial and visible, and often an internal disequilibrium emerges in the form of acne, eczema and skin discoloration of various types. For a person suffering from anxiety, this reaction only worsens the vicious circle in which he is already trapped. A noticeable imperfection, perhaps in the face, can further lower self – esteem and trigger an anxiety vortex that can lead to social retreat.

Anxiety is only one of the variables involved in the manifestation of these outbreaks, which also include food, intolerance, allergies, cosmetics and some malfunctions in the body. The psychological variable, however, is the trigger: without it, venting may not appear, but its presence almost always involves the skin manifestation.

The 5 Rules for Eliminating and Preventing Acne and Skin Exfoliation during anxiety

1) Power

Follow the rule of simplicity: Eat only fresh, raw, possibly organic, untreated, no additives and unpacked products. Eliminates sugar first of all, alcohol, fats and animal proteins (honey and yogurt can be an exception). Eliminate gluten or reduce consumption, and pay particular attention to the presence of dyes, sulphites and allergens. Drink plenty of water and foul frequently, to purify the body and help with the addition of turmeric, ginger (for example in golden milk, see the perfect breakfast) and lemon.

2) Cosmetics

The recipe for a great cosmetic is not to have an aggressive marketing support, nor even to have the pro forma ‘non-comodogenic’ or ‘dermatologically tested’ directions. The rule is always that of simplicity: Choose a product that has a very short INCI and does not contain SLES, parabens, silicones or other harmful chemicals. How do you know what are good and what not? Do not worry, you do not need a degree, just look for the biodiesel, one of the best services offered, and it’s free! In general, using only natural products such as oil jojoba, vegetable soaps, clay masks, and avoid washing yourself too often and you breathe your skin, so avoid heavy makeup: makeup is a bit of anxious to your skin. Try to use products of natural origin.

3) Hormonal interferences

Often at the base of an acne problem, there are hormonal imbalances, which are affected by some harmful substances. These, endocrine or hormonal interfering calls, alter hormone function in a variety of ways and can cause more severe damage to the pimples. The list is long and the talk is complex, but following the universal rule of simplicity, go safe. Avoid plastic in the kitchen, avoid the teflon of the pans, use only natural and untreated materials such as wood, copper, ceramic, checking its origin. In general, at home and in life, it comes in contact as little as possible with plastics, fabrics and synthetic materials , pesticide- treated products ,packaged foods ,pesticides, flame retardants, antibacterial agents. Goretex, triclosan, lubricants, adhesives, foams, and home hygiene products are often full of these toxins. Among the foods considered noble by vegetarians and vegans, pay close attention to soy!

4) Circulation

Where the blood flows freely and the capillaries are well sprayed, you will have healthy and alive tissues. It is not an Indian proverb, but a physiological truth : if you have skin problems, gently massage the affected areas with clean hands and a delicate vector oil such as coconut, perhaps with the addition of one or two drops of tea tree oil , an excellent antiseptic.

5) Breathing

What’s breathing with acne? The breathing is the activating function of all of our body functions: without it, nothing can have life. Being directly related to the circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, breathing can activate all the benefits you have tried to do by following the rules above. If you are still hesitant, download the Free Manual and perform this simple exercise: breathe slowly and after a relaxed exhale, take your breath for 5 to 10 seconds as you can. If your problem is localized on your face, take your breath and push the air around your nose, knocking it with your fingers. Stay in apnea for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat exercise 5 times, morning and evening, after washing your face. In this way, you will regenerate the circulation and re-oxygenate the tissues, which will fight acne naturally, with your own defenses.

Do not hide and hide your pimples: Get rid of it!

Acne in anxiety is like a knife in the plague. Do not throw your money into creams and various products, they will not work! Defeat anxiety and you’ll also get rid of pimples.

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