Top Trends to Sew in 2018

Do you love fashion and sewing? Then we’ve got the top trends for 2018 just for you! These trendy garments will take you from drab to fab and have you catwalk-ready in no time.

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Wide-Leg Pants

If you love flowing clothes, then you’re currently in fashion. Wide-legged trousers are a huge hit at the moment and can be worn casually or with a shirt and jacket for a more formal style. Soft flowing fabrics are great for lighter summer wear, while thicker fabrics look smarter and can keep you warmer too.

Trench Coats

With more and more people sewing their own clothes, the focus on garments that are both stylish and functional has increased. The trench coat is one of these garments, and this versatile item can be worn over just about everything. They are also surprisingly easy to sew, especially if you use lighter dressmaking fabrics.


If you’re newly acquainted with your sewing machine or just looking for a way to add a new and trendy twist to an old favourite, give a fringe a try. You can add fringing to shirts, jackets and pants or to the hem of a skirt if you’re feeling adventurous, and it doesn’t take long or have to be complicated either.

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Bringing Back the Beret

Berets may seem harder to make, but they are actually quite simple to put together, especially if you have a good overlocker or binder to complete the edging. You can make them in felt for a more traditional look and feel, or you can go for Dressmaking Fabrics that are lighter and can create a softer overall look and feel.

Big Tops

Over-sized jackets and tops are very trendy right now, and sewing these can be lots of fun. You want to aim for over-sized but not ill fitted, so you may need to add a few clever darts and tucks in to make sure they look baggy but beautiful.

Designer Denim Duds

Denim isn’t always the easiest fabric to sew with, but while jeans are always in fashion, denim jackets, skirts and shirts are really hot right now too. These are easier to sew, and a simple short skirt or shirt can look really good. And if you feeling brave, you can always add on a fringe!

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