Being on trend to the tips of your fingers and toes

Nail art is big on the fashion scene again this year. Women in particular are spending large sums of money to visit nail bars and salons to have their nails adorned with impressive pieces of artwork. Companies such as Jamberry are trying to bring this to masses by developing stick on nail covers that look just as realistic as if you had spent time and money having them hand crafted in a salon.

So, lets take a look at what the top nail trends are predicted to be across 2018.

RED – Red is a classic as a nail varnish option and it appears to have made a resurgence in popularity. With a variety of finishes including matt and gloss as well as the never-ending options to include red in a nail art design you really can embrace this bold colour as a part of your everyday nail wear.

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HALF MOON – A few years back French tips were all the range and it is also seen as a classic with many celebrities and past female icons having their nails decorated in this style usually before embarking on a glitzy evening out. The  classic look went well along with the black cocktail dresses and the ballrooms glistening with antique crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling (I wonder if they got them from Anyway, this new half moon trend is the opposite of a French manicure in that they accent is located around the cuticle area.

GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER – It appears we have all become a little bit like magpies this year when it comes to shiny objects. It is predicted that glitter will be a hot trend in 2018. Whether this is full on glitter nails or used simply as an accent. Perhaps link it up with the previous two options and have red nails with a half moon accent in glitter!

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LEARNING YOUR ABC’S – Playing with words across your nail designs has already shown to be incredibly popular this year from people writing whole words on a single nail to using each nail to house a single letter, forming a word across one or even two hands.

WEIRD AND WONDERFUL – some of the slightly more eccentric looks for this season include holes punched into the end of your nail, jewels and gems splashed across the nail bed and even hair attached to the end of your nails and nails built up to look like other objects such as teeth and sea-shells (no really, I’m not kidding!)

When it comes to decorating your nails it seems that the possibilities are almost as endless as the colours and styles you can have your hair in.

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