What a traditional wedding.

When planning your big day, a whole heap of things need to be taken into consideration. From guest lists for the actual ceremony to additional guests in the evening, whether or not you should have a live band or DJ, the list seems endless. Once the venue is booked (and if you are still looking for that perfect place take a look at the Wedding Hotel Venue Gloucestershire on http://www.thespeechhouse.co.uk/weddings/

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However, the one constant for any bride and groom is the lure of the wedding tradition. Again, this may be a family tradition or a religious or cultural one. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Brides wear white. This is becoming less of a tradition as the favour is more for Ivory or Cream. Many go for Red. White is supposed to symbolise purity and chastity. It’s the certainly a first-time image though at the end of the day it’s your day and whatever colour acceptable.
  • Something borrowed. One of the many good luck ideas is that the bride that is borrowed from a previous bride who is happy married. Hopefully the previous weddings luck will rub off on you.
  • Something Blue. In some circles this is to make sure the marriage bears fruit. Traditionally it was hope the first born would be a boy hence blue.
  • Something Old and Something new. This signifies the age-old institution of marriage in our society as being an old thing that we do but a new being for the two of you.
  • The wedding cakes. The Traditional wedding cake has three tiers. The base is fruit and the top two are sponge. You eat the to two and keep the bottom for your first christening. You may not want to follow that tradition as that cake will be pretty hard. In the past the first child did not take long to turn up after the wedding night, so the cake was usual being brought out again 9 to 10 months later. Yes, you should have a little couple on top.
  • The first dance. This is a bit of big deal. Its seen as the conformation of everyone in the room that you are together and a couple, even if the last few hours hadn’t confirmed that already. What’s really important is that all eyes are on you both as people see this as to how the marriage will go. There are many showy first dances now, rather taking the mickey out of it. You may want to use your special tune but if you want a traditional number then Moon River, We have all the time in the World and Some Enchanted evening are generally thought of as the most popular for a traditional wedding.

That’s the bear bones of it. Whatever you choose to have, have a magically day and build some memories for friends, family but more importantly, the two of you.

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