What is the stress of adolescent?

What is the stress that the person possesses from adolescence, which was the highest among depression prevalence of children who placed for long.

What is stress the adolescent have?

Let’s think about the situation peculiar to the child (after childhood).

First of all, unlike adults, there is not much difference environmentally with the children of the same grade. In detail, there is a study and friendship in the same environment as the surrounding children.

Compared with classmates

Study is same test, same class, same teacher everyone. Club activities exist in everyone as well. In that case, there is always a problem that it is easy to compare how much you are with yourself. This stress is easier to compare to the surroundings and it is both because I am also easy to compare the differences with everyone.

I want to be with everyone

“I am good with everyone and better you have better. It is natural in a sense to think of such a thing. Whether you can study as much as you like, what is motor nerve, how private is fulfilling, what kind of activities and lessons are done like other children etc. are evaluated the same thing, from adults also strong stress of being compared to the others would also say that the response to the.

An environment difference between the surroundings and yourself

The environment where you can always show things like surroundings and yourself may be stressful than the unexpected adults. I myself remember that freedom from such detention was the reason for one reason why I wanted to be an adult.

Human relations of children

Also, although I think that this is not to say, it is also a problem that things like being bullied without saying to parents and having something with friends who were supposed to be good friends is.

When you become an adult, there is not much that your friends change, but as early as adolescence, friendship changes with a slight difference in threads, or you will not get into the group you belonged to until now, listen carefully If you do go ahead, you are desperately trying to survive a friend relationship.

Securing whereabouts is a life and death problem

I think that securing a place is a big problem that can be said as essential for adolescent children.

“Absent a person to speak in the classroom your own” for himself, this is what you really want to avoid.

About developmental stage and dependence

In the case of children, what you are thinking depends on your developmental stage rather than adults tends to change. Moreover, I have not worked yet, so life is dependent on my parents to the last.

Competition intensified

Elementary and junior high school students change the mental stage greatly, and from the third grade of junior high school where competition in club activities and examination war are getting heated, sometimes it becomes an opportunity to feel the fierce battle for the first time of life, He will catch up with that much.

If you enter high school, the academic ability will come together this time, so competitive society in another sense will start.

In the first half, I get a challenge of acquiring friends and in the second half, I have a big stress to think about my life (future).

Defiance depends on dependence

However, it is still dependent. Dependent parts are also appearing in the mental aspect, and intense internal change in adolescents, consciousness tends towards themselves, assertions that have never before started to tend to be rebellious, and all that “Selfishness” comes out that I want you to accept.

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